Karla & Colby

January 11, 2020

Where to begin with this wonderful couple? I’ve known Colby for as long as I can remember, but I never saw him happier than when we was with Karla. When I first met with Colby and Karla together to discuss their wedding plans, happiness radiated from the both of them!! The two had the perfect vision to have a beautiful winter wedding.

Their wedding was the first (of many to come) at Eagleview Event Center — they even booked the venue before it was even beginning to be built! They were so in love with the view and location that they trusted owners, Chris and Joy, to make it something beautiful. I was both excited and nervous to plan the first wedding at a new venue, but it was nothing short of wonderful!

The two chose beautiful colors of burgundy, blue and cream and also tied in something special to the both of them by using pine roping as an accent. Colby and Karla both work in the Christmas tree industry and that is how they met, so it was so special to see all of the beautiful greenery tied on the columns of the barn and accented beautifully in their centerpieces. Karla’s sister handmade all of the flower arrangements and also baked the most delicious cakes – we love it when family members can contribute to the wedding day, it is SO special!

Karla and Colby could not have “christened” Eagleview Event Center with a more perfect first wedding. The love this couple has for each other and the wonderful families made this a night none of us will ever forget!


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