Ashley & Clay

October 19, 2019

Ashley and I had dreamed of planning our fairytale wedding since we were little girls, we have hundreds of Pinterest boards just dedicated to wedding plans and of course fantasized of who would be the lucky man to make all our dreams come true. Clay and I also grew up together, from Sunday School to paintball wars and everything in between. So, when Ashley and Clay started dating, it was truly like two worlds collided for me and it was AMAZING!

When Ashley told me that they were engaged, I could have screamed with excitement (actually I probably did!). I was so looking forward to helping her plan the wedding she’d always dreamed of! And then she told me to mark off October 19th on my calendar (which was less than a month away) because thats when they were having their wedding! The two planned their wedding in record time and had a date set less than a month from the day they got engaged – pretty awesome, right?? Needless to say, I didn’t have a huge part in helping plan the details of this special day, but I did help my BFF put everything into place to make it perfect.

On Friday before the wedding, I took off work early and came to help decorate their venue, which was Ashley’s parents barn that we had spent countless hours playing in and fantasizing of having our own weddings at as little girls – finally, Ashley’s dream was coming true! We finally finished decorating around 1am on Saturday morning and when we were talking about the order of the next day (when they were expecting around 150 guests) – Ashley said “Liz, I’m going to need help to pull this off.” So, as the crazy, “can’t say no to anything” best friend I was, I stepped up and wrote down the order of events for the next day on a paper towel and we made a plan.

The next day was somewhat of a whirlwind. Truly, it was the MOST magical day and I really am not sure how we pulled it off, but it was absolutely perfect. Although she didn’t spend months and months planning her special day like most, it turned out better than she, or anyone could have imagined.

It was around 11pm on Saturday night, after most guests and the bride and groom were gone, that I realized that helping make peoples’ wedding dreams come true was something that I was passionate about. Seeing the smiles on not only the bride and groom’s faces, but the mothers and fathers, the grandparents, the siblings and everyone in between happy – that’s something to be passionate about and truly love. Plus, I figured that if I could coordinate this wedding on less than 8 hours notice, that it would be easy with a few months notice – LOL! Clay and Ashley’s wedding day was special for many reasons – for me, I found something that I was truly passionate about and most importantly, I was able to witness two lifelong friends make vows to each other that will offer a lifetime of happiness.


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